Broken – by Gina Miranda

So I was all set to go to bed but sleep, as always, eludes me. So I did what I do when I can’t sleep, I write. And just as I finished, my daily horoscope e-mail was delivered to my phone. And it said, “Remember that it takes a great deal of energy to repress and bottle up your feelings, Gina. Without even realizing it you may be stuffing a great deal of emotion inside you while trying to ignore it. The truth is that expressing these feelings – whether they be anger, happiness, fear, or self-doubt – will be energizing and exteremely freeing. In general, the atmosphere around you will lighten up, and you will be able to interact more openly with others.”

So, seeing as how I can’t sleep, and I’ve been thinking, and clearly the universe thinks I should be expressing these thoughts, here they are.

What I wrote I’m going to title “Broken.”

Broken… and tired.

That feeling of being alone just never goes away, and I need to get rid of it, but I don’t know how.

Surrounded by people who care,

And yet disconnected from it all…

What is it I seek?

Will I ever find it?

Foot prints. I know where mine have been, but where are they going?

And when will I get there?

And what will I find there?

Will there be the quiet that I seek?

The peace of mind.

The stillness of my soul.

Will I find love in my heart?

Or will I get there and still be lost?

And alone.

Still broken.