To be free again – by Gina Miranda
To be free again…

No more shadows to watch out for,
No dark corners that scare,
No quick glances over my shoulder,
No frightening warnings to beware.

No more scurrying to find a haven,
To protect myself from pain,
No more switching off emotion,
To live life freely once again.

To shake the feelings of mistrust,
To clear the cobwebs in my head,
To lay to rest my scary monsters,
To let go of the past that’s dead.

To move on to a new tomorrow,
With no fear of hurt returning,
To take a chance on new relations,
With a sincere and passionate yearning.

To trust again as I once did,
The people who say they care,
To be brave enough to give of myself,
To have faith enough to share.

To believe in love and friendship,
To enjoy company without doubt,
To give love and feel it returning,
To finally let the emotions out.

To give in and just breathe easy,
To open up and let someone in,
To attempt to start all over,
To take a chance and let life begin.

To be free again…

What would that feel like?

Copyright Gina Miranda 2000