She – by Gina Miranda

She opens her eyes, she stretches out her wings and smiles, she can fly. She is alive, she is free, she is…

The words begin to flow, the paint hits the canvas, the light streams in, the world is colourful again.
Her head is filled with songs, of love and laughter, songs of possibility.
She is awake, she feels it all, the love, the hurt, the loss, the gain, the anger, the pain.
She used it all to grow, to learn, to now know, a little more than before.
She reaches for the sky which once seemed so far away but today is attainable. Why?
Because she is aware. She is awake. She knows her potential. She knows it’s attainable. Everything in life is, once you discover yourself.
She set out to find answers and she re-discovered herself in the process, and everything makes sense now, nothing seems impossible as it did before.
The light shines brighter, the road ahead is not daunting but an adventure she is looking forward to, she is re-built.
Bring on the rain, for without it there is no chance for a rainbow. The rain has always been cleansing, and comforting. It brings with it the possibility for life to flourish. She embraces the rain, so she may continue to grow, and learn, and fly above it all.

She opens her mind, she stretches out her wings and smiles.
She’s ready to fly. She is alive.
She is free.
She is… me.